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Creating Your First Impression

Today's fast-paced, high-demand hospitality market is hiring proactive, hard working, and talented team players. For the employee, the career begins with seeking a job - one that will grant exactly the right experiences for professional growth and personal development.

How do we make a first impression to someone we have never met previously and to secure a job we know the demands of through a limited job description? A strong resume, cover letter and interview, along with a genuine approach, are the keys to a strong start.

It would be my pleasure to work with you in driving your career forward.

Yespitality - get hired with "yes". 

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Create Your First Impression

Whether you are looking to improve your resume, prepare for an upcoming interview or hone your inter-personal skills, it is always the right time to improve your professional first impression. We will work together to build a strong professional base with which you will feel more comfortable and at-ease in presenting yourself, both on paper and in person. 

For hospitality businesses - proper staff training and development along with streamlined operations are vital to success. Much like the show Hotel Impossible, my job is to determine the pitfalls hindering revenue streams, staff efficiency and employee loyalty.

Job Interview

Resume & Cover Letter Analysis

Ensure that the first impression you provide to your potential employer exemplifies your character, experiences and career aspirations while introducing yourself on paper. Today, the hospitality world has lost the "personal" approach, and I teach you how to bring this element to your advantage.

Interview Training

Prepare for your phone, Skype or in-person interview, the second step in securing the position you are after. Interviews should not be difficult, but rather an open, two-way conversation that will allow the interviewer to get to know you, and for you to get more information about the role and its impact on your career.

Working Together
Clapping Audience

Streamlining Hotel Operations

Through my experience working with Leading Hotels, in corporate hotel strategy & performance, and as a food & beverage supplier, my competence in hotel operations from the inside and outside has garnered a strong sense for recognising gaps in operations.

Lectures & Seminars

As students culminate their studies and begin the arduous journey of applying for jobs, being one step ahead is vital to securing that first real role. Join me in the application process: resume to interview to package negotiation.

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Begin Your First Impression

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